*Celeb Trainer Isaac Boots TORCHD Workout Presented by NOBULL

Location: Treehouse Studio

July 29, 2024 2:00 pm

The second class of our two a day workouts with Isaac Boots, one of the world’s most sought-after fitness personalities. Enjoy his wildly popular TORCHD workouts in Texas for the first time ever with a four day retreat at Lake Austin! Turn the heat up on your fitness with Isaac's trending TORCHD class!

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Just for Fun! | Insights from the Tarot | Paul K. Smith

Location: Treehouse Lake Room

July 18, 2024

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Insights | Nutrition for Stress and Rest | Dietitian Shannon Wise

Location: Treehouse Lake Room

July 18, 2024

Good nutrition is an important tool to help manage stress from the inside out. Learn which foods can help with creating some calm as well as enhancing sleep quality.

Insights | Emotional Freedom Technique | Nora Jeanne Welsh

Location: Garden Library

July 19, 2024

You can master your emotions and create a calm, empowered emotional state anytime you desire.