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Personal Training

On-the-Go Workout

Do you need a workout routine that is efficient, effective and easy to perform anywhere—even while you are traveling? Then one of our On-the-Go workouts is for you! The Resistance Tubing Workout is a total body exercise routine using a resistance tube and includes written instructions, illustrations of the exercises and a tube. The Pilates Band Workout is a Pilates-based core training routine using a resistance band. The routine includes written instructions, illustrations of the exercises and a band.


Price: $75 for 25 minutes

Resistance Tube or Pilates Band $18.50 (purchase optional – fitness allowance not applicable)

TRX Suspension Training

Experience this revolutionary workout developed by the Navy SEALs. TRX Suspension Training is a program that uses your body weight and a specially designed band to increase strength, endurance, mobility, stability, balance, flexibility and core power. The unique and creative exercises are effective and appropriate for individuals of all fitness levels. In this session, one of our TRX certified fitness professionals will lead you through a personalized workout.


Price: $140 for 50 minutes

Travel Workout

It is possible to stay fit while traveling. One of our certified fitness professionals will design a fitness program for you to use while on the go. We will create a workout that utilizes resistance bands, your own body weight, cardio movements and stretching exercises. You will be prepared for your next trip with personalized materials to keep you active while traveling.


Price: $140 for 50 minutes

At-Home Workout

Meet with one of our certified fitness professionals to develop a personalized program that you can follow at your home or at the gym. You will practice the exercises to ensure correct form and alignment. The instructor will send you home with written materials describing the exercises, complete with illustrations.


Price: $140 for 50 minutes

Pilates Reformer

Discover how to incorporate and combine strength, flexibility and core work using the Pilates reformer. The reformer is a spring-resisted apparatus that provides a balanced full-body workout to increase flexibility, improve core stability and maintain postural alignment. This session is appropriate for all fitness levels and a great alternative or addition to traditional strength training.


Price: $140 for 50 minutes // $95 for 25 minutes