Mind and Body Activities

Ashtanga Power Yoga

This vigorous and challenging lineage of Hatha yoga is based on several sequences of postures. Ashtanga develops strength, flexibility, and a realignment of the body that leads to a feeling of inner peace and natural state of meditation and relaxation.

Blue Yoga | Healing Waters

Soothing, relaxing, and releasing. The serenity of the water combines with the soothing and therapeutic effects of liquid warmth for a mentally and physically nourishing time spent on flexibility and mobility.

Deep Flow Vinyasa

Meaning “breath-synchronized movement,” Vinyasa yoga is a series of challenging poses that will move you through the sequence with the power of inhaling and exhaling and deep positioning with a quickened pace.

Feldenkrais® Roller | Soft Touch Foam

First introduced as a form of self-myofascial, foam rollers are now highly utilized by professional athletes, coaches and therapists alike. They are a powerful tool in healing and recovery because the user can feel exact trigger points and locations that need “breaking up”, tenderizing and relaxing our tissues to their original “baby softness”.

Feldenkrais® Method

Activate your body, elongate and create mindful movement patterns to awaken your body in alignment, form and function. The Feldenkrais Method® is all about bringing awareness to the sequence of our movement patterns in order to decrease our effort and improve our quality of movement for improved injury prevention, mobility, strength and flexibility.

Foam Roller | Self Massage

Foam rolling, or self-myofascial release, is basically a textbook term for self-massage. Utilizing a foam roller, we will coach you through techniques to apply deep compression to muscles and tissues, directing blood flow for healing and recovery. This is the massage technique you can take anywhere!

Gentle Yoga Awakening

A gentle flow yoga to awaken your mind and body while prepping for the day.

Gentle Vinyasa

A simple, flow style yoga that increases circulation, body warmth, mobility and flexibility.

Glow Yoga Flow

The iridescence of the black light, slow, intentional movement and rich beats provide a unique atmosphere to unwind, flow through and be totally in your own element.

Hatha Yoga Sculpt

This yoga class includes a series of strength poses, positions and movements for a longer, leaner and more powerful body.

Iyengar Yoga

A yoga practice of over 200 classical Asanas and 14 different variations of Pranayamas from the simple to the incredibly difficult. The focus is on the physical alignment of the body in specific poses that once created in the body, it will be reflected in the mind.

PiYo® | Fast Flow Power Yoga

High energy and fast paced, you’ll feel the strength and flexibility engage through your hips, core and legs. You will flow with speed and intensity in a structured and challenging sequence designed to lengthen and strengthen the muscles while enhancing balance and stability.

SUP Yoga

Yoga on a paddleboard is one of the best ways to understand your body’s balance – or lack thereof. The board gives you great feedback and with focus and mindfulness you’ll paddle away with a better connection to inner and outer balance and relaxation. (Not interested in the “stand up” part of SUP? No problem, “sit ” and paddle works just fine for this class, too!)

Tibetan Yoga

Considered the “fountain of youth” yoga flow dating back more than 2,500 years and touted as aiding lamas to live a vigorous, long, healthy life This 20 minute yoga flow is a great take home skill that can bring physical relief and mental clarity.

Restorative Yoga

Tranquil, soothing and simple yoga postures using props that allow you to hold poses longer and passively stretch. Yoga is a proven tool for structural, hormonal and neurological balance that by integrating into a weekly habit, can have a lifetime of benefit.

Rise and Shine Yoga

Your smile will rise and your heart will shine with gentle, traditional yoga moves that connect your entire body consciousness. Your day will begin more centered and grounded as you experience a greater connection to yourself, your environment and others.

Strum | Yin Yoga with Live Classical Guitar

You’ll flow to the soothing beat of the classical guitar while spending up to three minutes in each position for a deep, releasing stretch. Many positions will include props for comfort and support.

Sun Salutations: Yoga on the Lake

Experience the amazing view and environment of yoga suspended on our dock over Lake Austin. Nature will provide the backdrop as you practice your sun salutations on the lake. Per Hindu mythology, the sun god is a symbol of health and immortality. Traditionally performed at dawn facing the rising sun, Sun Salutations are a graceful sequence of positions, each counteracting the previous one, stretching the body while focusing on breath. Practiced daily it can bring great flexibility to your spine and joints. This is an invigorating and mindful way to start your day!

Tai Chi

Experience this Eastern martial arts introductory practice that connects the mind to the slow, gentle movements designed to enhance balance, stability, standing strength and inner calmness. Originally developed for self-defense and described as meditation in motion, T’ai Chi has evolved into a graceful form of mindful exercise that’s now used around the globe to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

A series of challenging poses that will move you through the sequence with the power of inhaling, exhaling and deep positioning.

Yin Yoga

Deep Stretch: Rest, restore, relax and melt into simple yoga postures designed to allow comfortable stretching. Spending up to three minutes in each position allows a deep stretch within the muscles and the soothing music will enhance your relaxation. Many positions will include props for comfort and support.

Yoga for Every Body

Every “body” can use a daily dose of yoga! Don’t worry about what’s up with your down dog or why the opposite of a cat stretch is a camel. Get back to the basics of what yoga really is: simply combining breath and movement to increase strength, balance and flexibility. And studies say there is a bonus: it also can reduce blood pressure! Now that’s worth a sun salutation!

Yoga Fusion | Weighted Strength

Combine the discipline of yoga with the strength of light dumb bells and you’re in for a full body fusion of flexibility, power and flow.