The Blue Mind Theory

Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols describes, in his book “Blue Mind”, why we as humans are drawn to the water, how our brains are affected, and how it affects our general well-being.

Our Connection to Water

“Emerging research connects the dots to a compelling and practical narrative about our personal and emotional relationship with water. Neuroscience shows us how being near, on, in, around or under the water can make us happier, healthier, more connected and better at what we do.”

– Oliver Sacks, Blue Mind

Summer Water Series

Using the Blue Mind Theory we have created special activities and events, that are focused on water. We call it “The Ripple Effect”

Our Little Blue Planet

In 1972 an iconic image of earth was captured from a million miles away. It looked like a little blue marble.


ripple logoWhat was once seen as simply a backdrop for vacationing is now proving to provide a better way of life. Inspired by the Blue Mind Theory, a project created by a team of scientists dedicated to reconnecting people to water, Lake Austin Spa Resort has set out to bring the healing benefits of water to the surface for guests during Ripple Effects, May-September yearly. Through a series of activities and events, our lakeside Texas resort will spend the summer embracing Blue Mind’s idea that proximity to water can make you more fulfilled and successful in your personal and professional life.


Click through to this great feature on Dr. Wallace J. Nichols and his groundbreaking research of how water makes you well – explained in his book, Blue Mind: The Surprising Science that shows how being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do. The backdrop for the story took place at Lake Austin Spa Resort and here are a few questions the journalist, Marla Cimini asked Dr. Nichols that didn’t make it into the story. We thought you’d like to see this excerpt from her interview.