Gentle Acupuncture

Relieve your stress and alleviate your pain through the gentle and effective art of Japanese acupuncture. Our resident acupuncturist combines ancient and modern techniques to help you feel balanced and renewed.


Price: $160 for 60 minutes

Calming Cupping

Here’s to a great way to untangle the knots in your shoulders and de-stress. Cupping is a time-honored technique wherein glass cups are applied to the surface of your skin with a mild suction in order to draw fresh oxygen-rich circulation into the achy and tired muscles below. Cuplifting! Best used as an add-on to any of our Traditional East Asian treatments. Some discoloration may appear on the skin’s surface.


Price: $95 for 25 minutes (Add-on to any service)

Manaka Tapping

For a unique way to relax and invigorate your body, this ancient and very gentle treatment is hard to beat. Your body’s acupoints are softly tapped with a wooden hammer and peg in a percussive stimulation technique that has won supporters for its marvelous restorative effects.


Price: $165 for 50 minutes

Tour of Asia

A customized combination of several East Asian therapies to relieve your pain and enhance your relaxation and well-being. The treatment includes acupuncture and/or hari (a needle-free, non-invasive option). Additionally, the ancient techniques of moxibustion, cupping and tapping will be drawn upon in a treatment personalized just for you and your unique energies.


Price: $325 for 110 minutes

Hari – The Traditional Energy Work of Japan

A rejuvenating and relaxing experience from the ancient tradition of Japanese healing. In Japan, the highest ideal for a traditional acupuncturist is to treat the body without the insertion of needles. Instead, gentle pressure is applied to specific points on the body with a special 14K gold instrument called a teishin. The result is a completely pain-free experience that provides you a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being.


Price: $160 for 50 minutes