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Aromatherapy Massage

Choose the aromatherapy essential oil that’s right for you. Options include “Relaxing”, “Balancing” and “Stress Relieving.” The essential oil you select will be used in a deeply relaxing Swedish Massage.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes / $230 for 80 minutes

Best Foot Forward

Pamper your feet with this treatment that will not only leave your feet feeling great, but the focus on pressure points will target areas throughout your body. You will leave walking on clouds.

Price: $95 for 25 minutes (Add-on service only) / $155 for 50 minutes

Beautiful Balance Head and Toes

A relaxing scalp massage, foot scrub and foot massage. This treatment will bring you to a beautiful balance. First, you’ll enjoy a foot scrub, followed by a foot massage that uses acupressure on pressure points to send relief throughout your body. Then, enjoy a stress-relieving scalp massage with organic oils. A lavender dusting powder on your feet finishes a treatment that’s great for improved balance, circulation and relaxation.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes

Custom Comfort

A massage as unique as you are. What are you truly looking for in your massage experience? Deep Tissue? Hot or cold packs? It’s your choice as you design, along with your therapist, your ideal massage. It’s the ultimate in customized massage.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes / $230 for 80 minutes

Day Dreaming

Have the day’s stress massaged away with relaxing lavender chamomile oil. Luxuriate in lavender goodness with a loose body wrap, an herbal eye pillow and a soothing heat pack. Let go and daydream.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes / $235 for 80 minutes

Deep Rest

Signature Service. Quality sleep is vital to healthy living and affects so many aspects of our life: learning & memory, metabolism & weight, stress & emotional stability, cardiovascular health, immunity and more. Acupressure, Marma points, aromatherapy, Swedish massage, crystal healing, sound therapy and a weighted blanket work synergistically to induce a deep state of relaxation.

Price: $230 for 80 minutes / $340 for 100 minutes

LakeHouse River Rock Massage

Make your massage more deeply rewarding with warmed river rocks. You’ll feel their soothing energy seep into your body. Warmed lavender oils add to the exquisite experience.

Price: $225 for 70 minutes / $285 for 100 minutes

Magnesium Recovery Massage

Magnesium is responsible for promoting healthy energy levels, sleep, muscle function and overall well-being. This nourishing treatment commonly deficient magnesium levels in the body and can aid in muscle recovery after workouts.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes / $230 for 80 minutes

Muscle Tension Melt

Bringing Thailand to Texas, herbal-steamed aromatic compresses are applied directly to your skin and massaged deep into your muscles. A combination of heat and pressure melts away your muscle tension.

Price: $230 for 80 minutes

Mom-To-Be Massage

Gentle aromatherapy massage for mothers-to-be. Expect a great massage with our maternity blend massage oil – excellent for cell regeneration, circulation and stretch mark prevention. Special pillows and bolsters make this a safe and soothing massage for mothers-to-be. Must be at least in their second trimester.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes / $230 for 80 minutes

Quiet Mind Scalp Massage

This tension relieving scalp massage promotes relaxation, eases muscle aches and soothes stress. Aromatic oil is warmed and massaged into the scalp, neck, and shoulders to stimulate circulation and relieve muscle tension.

Price: $95 for 25 minutes  (Add-on service only)

Texas Starry Night

Finish your day with the perfect spa nightcap. After a lovely lavender chamomile oil massage, you’ll be wrapped to soak in the soothing benefits of lavender, with an herbal heat pack on your stomach and a comforting eye pillow. Peaceful bliss.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes / $235 for 80 minutes

Two of a Kind Massage

Swedish massage for two in our indoor couple’s suite. Enjoy your Swedish massage right alongside your daughter, mother, partner, or friend. At the end, your feet will be wrapped in hot towels steeped in eucalyptus essential oil. Shared bliss!

Price: $155 per person for 50 minutes / $210 per person for 80 minutes

Ultimate Swedish Massage

If you are new to massage or just looking to relax, this is the right treatment for you. Long, flowing massage strokes make this massage extremely soothing. Relax and unwind as the tensions of the day disappear.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes / $210 for 80 minutes

Weekend Warrior Massage

Range of Motion and assisted stretching are added to your deep, full-body massage, which enhances athletic performance. Stretching in combination with massage allows your body to build more lean muscle mass. This massage is perfect for athletes, post-workout or someone needing a deeper massage to enhance mobility.

Price: $230 for 80 minutes

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Day Spa Packages

From a half day to the ultimate in spa luxury, our comprehensive packages include our guests’ favorite treatments, lunch at the Aster Cafe and a gift to take home.

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Spa Gift Certificates

Give the gift of relaxation with a LakeHouse Spa gift certificate. Choose a specific package or set your own amount and choose from over 100 unique treatments and services.

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This place met all of our needs. Delicious food. Excellent exercise classes. Activities on the lake. Spa spa spa. The loveliest people. It was so easy and relaxing. This place is the perfect girls trip getaway. The myofascial release Water spa treatment is a must. The pool workout classes are amazing and a must try. Super fun. I can’t wait to go back.

- lauberns, New York City, New York

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The service was beyond compare. No request was too large or too small. Every staff member seemed genuinely happy to help at all times. Both the Spa staff and the Resort staff were so accommodating - we felt completely pampered.

- Somanybooks523, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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