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Honoring Transition

This session blends dialogue and ceremony and is supportive for moving through times of change. Whether it be celebrating a milestone, letting go of the past including less than optimum habits, or reclaiming and uniting parts of yourself, this session is helpful for successfully navigating life’s transitions.  

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. 


We live in a world where an increasing emphasis is placed on our outer lives and achievements. This powerful service provided by Julie Haber, our Inspiration & Integrative Wellness Specialist and Crystal SoundEnergy Practitioner™ , allows you to experience the richness that comes from journeying inward through the support of gentle guidance, music, visualization and breath. This is an ideal service for those who are curious, soul seeking, or wanting to connect with deeper guidance and intuition.

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. 

Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion

Join Julie Haber, Inspiration & Integrative Wellness Specialist and Crystal SoundEnergy Practitioner™ for a unique, mesmerizing experience. In this amazing sensory immersion, the crystal bowls are placed directly on the body, allowing sound frequencies to aid in addressing any imbalances by creating an environment conducive for a renewed sense of peace, relaxation, insight, inspiration and healing.

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. 

Inspired Wellness

This session invites both conversation and guidance and is tailor made to address anything you might be facing in your life, such as questions around life purpose and meaning, incorporating healthy lifestyle, loss and grief, relationships, creating life balance and other stress related concerns.  

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. 

Align and Balance Treatment

This treatment will reset your mind, body and spirit thus helping you move forward from any physical or emotional discomfort.

Price: $165 for 50 minutes

Aquatic CranioSacral

This profound modality is intensified by the healing benefits of being in the water. Float weightless in the warm water of the Pool Barn. This deeply calming treatment adjusts the subtle rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid as it circulates around the brain and spinal cord. Using very light, specific touch, your practitioner monitors the flow to determine where restrictions are located and gently releases them improving the function of the central nervous system. CranioSacral releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. Please wear a bathing suit or other water-friendly clothing. Weather permitting.

Price: $195 for 50 minutes

Body Mind Unwind

Ease muscle tension and unwind the body with a relaxing full body massage. Once your body is relaxed it will be easier for you to receive the energy balancing therapeutic effect of the Tibetan singing bowls. The combination of these powerful modalities will enhance integration of mind, body and spirit.

Price: $235 for 80 minutes

Energy Balance with Healing Sound

The orchestration of Tibetan singing bowls is used to promote sound and vibrational healing in this ancient healing ritual. Each treatment is non-invasive, unique and helps you feel energized and in balance.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes

Gifts and Graces Massage

Addressing the person as a whole by utilizing energy work alongside body work, this enables the therapist to address your body and mind during your session, bringing you back to center at the end of your treatment. Perfect for those with trouble sleeping, extreme stress, or an overactive mind.

Price: $225 for 80 minutes


This treatment is deeply relaxing, quiets the sympathetic and enhances the parasympathetic nervous systems. Watsu® has profound beneficial effects for trauma—both physical and emotional—neuromuscular injuries, stress, and chronic pain. It combines elements of stretching, joint mobilization, massage, Shiatsu, and dance. You are supported by a therapist while floating on your back, rhythmically cradled, moved, stretched, and massaged. *Weather permitting.

Price: $195 for 50 minutes

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Day Spa Packages

From a half day to the ultimate in spa luxury, our comprehensive packages include our guests’ favorite treatments, lunch at the Aster Cafe and a gift to take home.

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Give the gift of relaxation with a LakeHouse Spa gift certificate. Choose a specific package or set your own amount and choose from over 100 unique treatments and services.

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This place met all of our needs. Delicious food. Excellent exercise classes. Activities on the lake. Spa spa spa. The loveliest people. It was so easy and relaxing. This place is the perfect girls trip getaway. The myofascial release Water spa treatment is a must. The pool workout classes are amazing and a must try. Super fun. I can’t wait to go back.

- lauberns, New York City, New York

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The service was beyond compare. No request was too large or too small. Every staff member seemed genuinely happy to help at all times. Both the Spa staff and the Resort staff were so accommodating - we felt completely pampered.

- Somanybooks523, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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