Personal Training

Private Experiences

Balance & Posture

Balance and posture evolve throughout life; keeping it and or developing it is one of the soundest baselines of health and wellbeing. Our fitness professionals can assist with exercises and skills to practice to improve both.


$185 50 minutes; $135 for 25 minutes

Flexibility & Mobility

Finding increased flexibility can assist movement, ease pain and assist with balance. Our fitness professional will meet you where you're at and assist you in developing a more flexible, mobile way of life.


$185 50 minutes; $135 for 25 minutes

Pilates | Reformer or Mat

Discover how to incorporate and combine strength, flexibility and core work using the art of Pilates Fitness. This no impact session will assist you in finding more balance while increasing flexibility, improving core stability and maintaining postural alignment. Appropriate for all fitness levels and a great alternative or addition to traditional strength training.

Price: $185 for 50 minutes / $135 for 25 minutes.
Request a Private Experience online or by calling 512.372.7274.

Personal Training

Let us either jump start your fitness training or take you through a private workout. Our team of experienced fitness professionals are experts in the field and can inspire and empower you to higher levels of fitness. A great opportunity for all levels of fitness, from beginners to the highly fit - in the gym, outdoors or on the lake - you name your location!

$175 for 50 minutes; $110 for 25 minutes.
Request a Private Experience online or by calling 512.372.7274.

TRX | Suspension Body Weight Training

Experience this revolutionary workout developed by the Navy SEALs. TRX Suspension Training is a program that uses your body weight and a specially designed band to increase strength, endurance, mobility, stability, balance, flexibility and core power. The unique and creative exercises are effective and appropriate for individuals of all fitness levels. In this session, one of our TRX certified fitness professionals will lead you through a personalized workout.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes / $110 for 25 minutes.
Request a Private Experience online or by calling 512.372.7274.

Workout To Go | At Home or On The Road

Do you need a workout routine that is efficient, effective and easy to perform anywhere—even while you are traveling? Then one of our On-the-Go workouts is for you! Based on your specific needs, our trainer will create a workout for you to use while traveling, on the go (think kids to soccer) or even at your own home.

Price: $195 for 50 minutes
Request a Private Experience online or by calling 512.372.7274.

Take Home Fitness Equipment Available For Purchase: Grid Foam Roller, Myofascial Grid Ball, Resistance Band & Door Anchor

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