Fitness Assessments

Personal Fitness

Body Composition Analysis

Learn your percentage of body fat and what a healthy weight goal should be for you with one of the most accurate measuring mechanisms: skinfold caliper measurement. We will do waist and hip measurements and calculate your height-to-weight ratio (body mass index) as well.

Price: $95 for 25 minutes

Five Star Experience

Get a custom workout experience or jump start your wellness journey at Lake Austin Spa Resort with the Five Star Experience. Your custom package will include a consultation with a certified fitness professional to help you plan your activities during your stay, a fitness assessment to establish your current health status and gather information needed to individualize your workout, and two 50-minute personal training sessions specifically designed to meet your fitness goals. Personalized written instructions will also be provided in a follow-up session so you can continue your workout at home.

Price: $535

Fitness Assessment

Your fitness assessment includes a body composition analysis and measurements of aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. One of our certified fitness professionals will explain the results of the assessment and discuss modifications to your exercise routine to optimize your fitness level. This consultation consists of one 50-minute assessment session and one 25-minute follow-up session.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes + 25 minutes

Mobility and Stability Assessment

In this session, you will perform five screening tests to evaluate your joint mobility and stability. Based on your ability to perform the movements, corrective exercises will be demonstrated to help you overcome muscular imbalances and improve overall mobility and stability.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes

Resting Metabolic Rate

How many calories do you burn every day? Think you have a slow metabolism? Find out! With this test, we can tell you with 99% accuracy how many calories your body burns at rest and then, based upon your typical activity level, we’ll calculate the total number of calories you burn per day. This session also includes healthy eating guidelines and body composition analysis, along with exercise recommendations for weight management.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes