Inspiration & Integrative Wellness

Private Sessions

Honoring Transition

This session blends dialogue and ceremony and is supportive for moving through times of change. Whether it be celebrating a milestone, letting go of the past including less than optimum habits, or reclaiming and uniting parts of yourself, this session is helpful for successfully navigating life’s transitions.  

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. 


We live in a world where an increasing emphasis is placed on our outer lives and achievements. This powerful service provided by Julie Haber, our Inspiration & Integrative Wellness Specialist and Crystal SoundEnergy Practitioner™ , allows you to experience the richness that comes from journeying inward through the support of gentle guidance, music, visualization and breath. This is an ideal service for those who are curious, soul seeking, or wanting to connect with deeper guidance and intuition.

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. 

Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion

Join Julie Haber, Inspiration & Integrative Wellness Specialist and Crystal SoundEnergy Practitioner™ for a unique, mesmerizing experience. In this amazing sensory immersion, the crystal bowls are placed directly on the body, allowing sound frequencies to aid in addressing any imbalances by creating an environment conducive for a renewed sense of peace, relaxation, insight, inspiration and healing.

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. 

Inspired Wellness

This session invites both conversation and guidance and is tailor made to address anything you might be facing in your life, such as questions around life purpose and meaning, incorporating healthy lifestyle, loss and grief, relationships, creating life balance and other stress related concerns.  

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. 

Stress Less

Are you having difficulty disconnecting to reconnect? In today’s society the tug is strong to have continual connection – and many times to items that only disconnect us from within, creating stress, imbalance and in many cases, situations that are not allowing us to be grounded in who we really are. Spend time with our Mind/Body Specialists and learn yoga and meditation practices geared toward inner connection and skills to being mindful and present.

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. Visit our Activities Desk to book or call 512-372-7274.