Guest Favorites

Personal Fitness

Aqua Stretch

If you have pain in your muscles, decreased mobility in your joints, or if you’re just not feeling comfortable during physical activity, myofascial release in the water may be the remedy. This groundbreaking technique, with clinically proven results, is a one-on-one assisted stretching session performed in the warm, shallow and soothing waters of the Pool Barn. With Monica’s gentle guidance, you’ll soon be moving and feeling better!

Price: $155 for 50 minutes / $95 for 25 minutes

FMS: Functional Movement Screening

Our guests LOVE the feedback generated from this assessment! Knowing how we move dictates the way we live and perform. By understanding personal movement patterns, mobility, flexibility and balance, we can then apply exercise or performance training that will improve our levels of personal health and performance. Regardless of age, skill and ability, everyone should understand their body’s movement patterns for a lifetime of healthy activity.

The Functional Movement Evaluation and Home Program Session consists of a 25-minute evaluation session, 50-minute results and private session, customized detailed report, online exercise program with instructional videos.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes, plus 25-minute personal review

Resting Metabolic Rate

How many calories do you burn every day? Think you have a slow metabolism? Find out! With this test, we can tell you with 99% accuracy how many calories your body burns at rest and then, based upon your typical activity level, we’ll calculate the total number of calories you burn per day. This session also includes healthy eating guidelines and body composition analysis, along with exercise recommendations for weight management.

Price: $175 for 50 minutes

Stress Less

Are you having difficulty disconnecting to reconnect? In today’s society the tug is strong to have continual connection – and many times to items that only disconnect us from within, creating stress, imbalance and in many cases, situations that are not allowing us to be grounded in who we really are. Spend time with our Mind/Body Specialists and learn yoga and meditation practices geared toward inner connection and skills to being mindful and present.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes

Stand Up Paddleboard

Learning the basics can go a long way to a more pleasurable, fun paddleboard experience! In this private or semi-private outing, you’ll learn the skills necessary to paddle and navigate your board, how to move it in any direction and how to balance and stand with confidence.

Price: $125 for one person, $200 for two people / 50 minutes

Travel Workout

It is possible to stay fit while traveling. One of our certified fitness professionals will design a fitness program for you to use while on the go. We will create a workout that utilizes resistance bands, your own body weight, cardio movements and stretching exercises. You will be prepared for your next trip with personalized materials to keep you active while traveling.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes of Evaluation and Training, + Take Home Workout