Indoor Water Activities

Personal Fitness

Aqua Stretch

If you are experiencing pain, stiffness or a limited range of motion, myofascial release in the water may be the remedy for you! This groundbreaking technique, is a one-on-one assisted stretching session that involves the application of manual pressure to free fascial adhesions that restrict your flexibility and may cause pain on movement. It is performed in the warm, shallow and soothing waters of the Pool Barn.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes / $95 for 25 minutes

Blue Yoga Flow

Experience the gentle, therapeutic benefits of flowing yoga movements in the Resort’s tranquil Pool Barn. The water provides enough resistance to mindfully work through it while the warm water assists with flexibility and range. A wonderful wellness program to include in your fitness programming!

Price: $140 for 50 minutes / $85 for 25 minutes

Swimming | Fundamentals or Stroke Improvement

Beginners can learn to swim, accomplished swimmers can improve their strokes or technique and everyone can acquire a new level of confidence in the water with a private session taught by one swim instructors.

Price: $140 for 50 minutes / $85 for 25 minutes

Water Workout

Stay cool in the pool while being kind to your joints. Workout options include cardiovascular conditioning, strength and stretch movements or a combination. Providing our guests with the inspiration and techniques to take this type of workout home to do at home or with friends is a favorite!

Price: $140 for 50 minutes / $85 for 25 minutes