Personal Fitness

Nutrition Consultation

Let our nutrition experts help you better understand your relationship with food and assist you with integrating the healthiest choices for your lifestyle and personal needs.

Price: $160 for 50 minutes / $105 for 25 minutes

Personal Culinary Experience

Spend some time with one of our chefs and/or health professionals as they guide and assist you with best choices and techniques for either a special event or to apply to your daily lifestyle. We can help you discover a style of cooking that helps you create a Conscientious Cuisine experience that is simple, real and fresh!

Price: $195 for 75 minutes (1-2 people)

Stress Less

Are you having difficulty disconnecting to reconnect? In today’s society the tug is strong to have continual connection – and many times to items that only disconnect us from within, creating stress, imbalance and in many cases, situations that are not allowing us to be grounded in who we really are. Spend time with our Mind/Body Specialists and learn yoga and meditation practices geared toward inner connection and skills to being mindful and present.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes