Mind & Body

Private Sessions

Honoring Transition

This session blends dialogue and ceremony and is supportive for moving through times of change. Whether it be celebrating a milestone, letting go of the past including less than optimum habits, or reclaiming and uniting parts of yourself, this session is helpful for successfully navigating life’s transitions.  

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. 


We live in a world where an increasing emphasis is placed on our outer lives and achievements. This powerful service provided by Julie Haber, our Inspiration & Integrative Wellness Specialist and Crystal SoundEnergy Practitioner™ , allows you to experience the richness that comes from journeying inward through the support of gentle guidance, music, visualization and breath. This is an ideal service for those who are curious, soul seeking, or wanting to connect with deeper guidance and intuition.

Price: $230 for 50 minutes. 

Breath and Meditation

Learn simple techniques to calm the mind, boost energy levels and increase breath capacity – all assisting with finding presence and intention in living a full, peaceful life.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes

Personal Yoga Practice

Whether you are new to yoga or a more experienced practitioner, you can benefit from one-on-one yoga training. Meet with one of our certified yoga instructors to learn new techniques and/or refine your existing skills.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes / $105 for 25 minutes

Yoga for Posture

Learn yoga techniques to strengthen, stretch and relax the muscles that form, shape and support the core and back for improved posture and engagement.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes

Yoga At-Home Program

Incorporate yoga into your weekly routine with a personalized take-home program. You will have a private session with one of our certified yoga instructors to develop a program based on your preferences. The instructor will also provide written materials describing the exercises, including illustrations.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes

Yoga for Allergies & Asthma

Do you suffer from nasal congestion because of seasonal allergies or asthma? Schedule a Yoga for Allergies and Asthma session with a certified fitness professional for guidance on managing and minimizing these symptoms. You will learn yoga breathing techniques and specific movements to strengthen the respiratory system. You will also receive a Neti pot for nasal cleansing, 10 pre-measured salt packets, and instructions for use.

Price: $155 for 50 minutes