Lake & Outdoor Sports

Personal Fitness

Boat to Hike

The most unique hiking experience around: Boat to a local trailhead and explore a historic lakeside cattle ranch with one of our hiking guides to lead you.
*Starting price for 1-5 people. Options available for groups of 7 or more, or for additional hours.

Price: $315 / 2 hour minimum

Kayak, Pedalboard or Hydrobike Outing

Enjoy scenic Lake Austin on a kayak while accompanied by an experienced guide. Our kayaks are great for novices and require no experience. Paddle along for a scenic outing or a great workout while your guide fills you in on the beautiful surroundings.
*Also available for semi-private and small group outings

Price: $125 for 50 minutes / $75 for 25 minutes

Private Hike

Experience the unique trails in the Texas Hill Country as you hike at your own pace with a personal hiking guide.
*Starting price for 1-6 people. Options available for groups of 7 or more, or for additional hours.

Price: $315 / 2 hour minimum

Private Boat Cruise

There are 21 miles of shoreline on Lake Austin to explore. Head out for a scenic tour or make one of our lakeside cafes your destination.

Price: $215 for 50 minutes

Sculling Lessons

Some rowers call it “Zen;” others describe it as getting into a “zone.” Most agree that rowing liberates the spirit resulting in a more focused life. In short, sculling rewards you with an improved mental attitude and well-being. Experience one of our most unique activities as you learn the basics of this Olympic sport on the tranquil waters of Lake Austin. Sculling teaches you to balance and blend your mind, body, shell and oars with the elements of water and weather.

Price: $140 for 50 minutes

SUP: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

One of the hottest paddle sports going! You can stand, prone or kneel on the board and push yourself for a powerful workout or just glide leisurely along. Enjoy a full-body workout with stability, core, and balance training while you take in the delights of lovely Lake Austin. If you’re a first time paddle boarder, we highly recommend a private session to get the basics for a more pleasant, safe experience!

Price: $140 for 50 minutes / $75 for 25 minutes

Trail Running

Central Texas is a running mecca! Let us set up a local trail or road run, or we can take you by boat to run the downtown area. We can set up road or trail running excursions to get your Texas Running Fix!

Price: $315 / 2 hour minimum

Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, or Tubing

If you’re a lake enthusiast, then you don’t want to miss getting out on Lake Austin during your stay with us. People travel from all over to skim the water of Lake Austin and you’re in the best hands with our watersports staff – they are some of the most acclaimed lake athletes in Texas. Let them take you out to learn the sport or some new skills – and if you’ve already got “the touch” enjoy an amazing outing on one of the finest lakes in Texas!

Price: $225 for 50 minutes

Wake Surfing

One of the hottest sports around – wake surfing the endless wake of a sports-specific surf boat! Our local wake surfers will show you the sport and share “the love” in getting you on the water – you’ve got 21 miles to surf here! Hang Ten!

Price: $475 / 2 Hours Minimum