*Interpretive Garden Walk | 9:30 & 11am (*Sign Up)

Location: Arbor

February 1, 2022 9:30 am

Walk the gorgeous grounds of Lake Austin Spa Resort, with our flora and fauna specialist, Ann Miller. Her knowledge and wisdom will lure you to love the land we call home even more! The intent of this outing is to connect more to the history and lore of the area through flora, fauna, and facts. You will stop for contemplation and explanation, leading to an interpretation and appreciation of what was past, what is present, and what could lie ahead for nature in this area.

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Somatics Mindful Stretch 1

Wake Me Up Stretch & Mobility

Location: Yoga Dock

June 3, 2023

Woman doing yoga on yoga dock

Yoga Alfresco On The Dock (Rainy Day Plan B: Class relocates to the Treehouse)

Location: Yoga Dock

June 3, 2023

*Challenge Series 5 Mile Hike | Bright Sky Overlook Loop (Rainy Day Plan B: Indoor Trek and Train)

Location: Activities Desk

June 3, 2023