Rethinking Resolutions – 30 Intentions for 2022

January 1, 2022

Most New Years Resolutions fail. We set our intentions earnestly and sincerely at the end of the year, yet with each passing month after January 1st, the likelihood that we will follow through on these resolutions starts to dwindle.

The 2022 resolutions below can benefit you because they are tangible, doable and fun. It is important to get very specific when making New Years resolutions. Sure, many of us want to lose weight, get in shape and save money, yet these resolutions are far too wide of a goal. The list below works because it considers the larger goal, yet approaches it from a more narrow and specific angle.

1. Perform one act of random kindness daily (even if it’s just smiling at someone!)
2. Be grateful for what ‘didn’t’ happen each day – in other words, things could be worse
3. Buy healthy deserts instead of overly processed sweet ones
4. Make a list of people who inspire you and why
5. Aim to watch the sunrise or sunset each day, or night
6. Buy yourself a special gift rather than overspend on lots of things you do not need
7. Drive down more roads you have never taken, take a different route to get where you are going
8. Have a Zoom tea party
9. Listen to inspiring podcasts or talks while you cook or do the dishes
10. Reach out to a friend that you have lost touch with
11. Talk to your plants
12. Install an app on your phone that limits your screen time, rather than rely on your own willpower
13. Whenever you have the urge to call your ex, make a deal with a close friend that you will call them instead
14. Create a simple bedtime ritual to help you sleep
15. Humble yourself and find a fitness trainer well suited to your needs
16. Learn a new recipe twice per month
17. Learn one simple breathing technique and practice it daily for 3 minutes
18. Give yourself permission to imagine what you truly want happening once a week, and have faith it will happen
19. Appreciate one thing about yourself daily
20. Spend 5 minutes stretching each day on a soft carpet
21. Commit to eating healthy food that tastes good too
22. Keep a gratitude jar and drop one thing you are grateful for each week into the jar, at the end of 2021 review your year and all that made it special
23. Take $25 of your earnings each week and place it in a retirement fund
24. Stop telling yourself you are too complex for a relationship and start dating
25. Declare war on your inner gremlin voice that convinces you of unworthiness
26. Forgive yourself for not being perfect
27. Give to your spouse or significant other by learning their primary love language
28. Download a meditation app that you like
29. Start to charge what you are worth
30. Realize you do not have to do everything alone and commit to finding a life coach or therapist who can support you!

Guided Meditation | Yoga Nidra

Take a cue from #28 on the list and download a meditation app.


As you sit down to make your new years resolutions list, see if you can get very specific and creative.

Try following tips for putting it into practice:

  • Be honest with yourself- do YOU- not what you think your friends and family think you should do
  • Be practical and smart about what is actually achievable
  • Change the word “resolutions” to “intentions”—intentions are consciously made and are something you can remind yourself of daily
  • At the end of each day ask yourself if you reached your intention. If not, forgive yourself and begin again the next day—recommit each day!
  • Intend to give back and connect with others- let some of your resolutions (intentions) be more than just something that benefits you personally
  • Be creative and think outside the box
  • Find a coach or counselor! Support and accountability leads to success!

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