Spicy Tuna on Cucumber & Peach Crisp from Guest Chef Danushka Lysek

September 11, 2019


• 2 pounds sushi grade tuna
• 8 oz mayo
• Sriracha
• Toasted sesame oil
• 2-3 bunches fresh chives
• 3 English cucumber
• 5 jalapenos
• 5 serranos
• Nori sheets (6)
• Black sesame seeds
• Kosher salt

1. Slice tuna into small cubes (make sure it’s well chilled to make it easier)
2. Add mayo, sriracha and toasted sesame oil and season with kosher salt Finely chop chives and fold into tuna mixture.
3. Slice cucumber into ¼” slices and mound tuna on top.
4. Add thinly sliced jalapeno or serrano on top of tuna OR nori sheet cut into triangle (this is your garnish)



• 12 tbls all purpose flour
• ½ c light brown sugar
• ½ c granulated sugar
• ½ tsp cinnamon
• 10 tbls COLD salted butter, cubed
• 1 ½ c nuts (walnuts and pecans)

1. Pulse flour and sugars. Add cubed butter and pulse 10X 3 seconds each until it’s like coarse cornmeal. Add nuts and pulse 4x 1 second pulses.
2. Freeze topping as you prepare fruit.
3. Cube peaches and put in bottom of 9×13 glass pan. Sprinkle with fine tapioca and top with crisp topping.
4. Bake 375F for 40 mins, then turn oven to 400F for 5 mins.


Danushka Lysek is a professional chef who has appeared on multiple television shows, including CHOPPED, Food Network Star, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Comeback Kitchen. She was also the winner of 24-Hour Restaurant Battle.