Fresh Start | Insights | Mastering the Art of Flourishing | Kristi Conradie

Location: Garden Library

April 17, 2024, 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Join Kristi Conradie for an immersive and transformative class to learn the secrets to creating each day that effortlessly  blends productivity, inspiration and joy.  Kristi will guide you through a unique blend of creative and practical exercise, empowering you to design a structured day that aligns with your goals and passions while maintaining a harmonious flow.  Prepare to awaken your inner creativity, tap into your highest potential, and discover the keys to living a flourishing and meaningful life.

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The Stars At Night | Astronomy

The Stars At Night | Astronomy Basics | Guest Astronomer Michael Brewster

Location: Garden Library

May 23, 2024

Join Astronomer Michael Brewster for an educational journey in astronomy basics.

*Just for Fun! | Shake it Up | Cocktail Class

Location: Lake Kitchen

May 24, 2024

Join Jen and learn to make a Blackberry Mint Mojito with mint straight from our gardens!

*Just For Fun│Basics of Mahjong

Location: Lake Kitchen

May 25, 2024

Learn a new game to enjoy!