Meet Our Team 13

Insights | The Skinny on Good Fats! | Dietitian Shannon Wise

Location: Treehouse Lake Room

March 31, 2023 2:00 pm

Explore the latest research to learn how diet, temperature and exercise can have a positive impact on brown fat and how that benefits our health.

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Just for Fun! | Lakeside Mimosa Bar (*Priced per Drink)

Location: Boat Dock

March 25, 2023

Come down to the dock and sip on a fresh mimosa while enjoying the great outdoors!

Just For Fun│Basics of Mahjong

Location: Lake Kitchen

March 25, 2023

Learn a new game to enjoy!

Culinary Demo | En Papillote! | Chef Beth Pav

Location: Lake Kitchen

March 25, 2023

Learn to make a special dinner with Chef Beth!