Just Breathe | The Mindfulness Journey | Special Guest Sarah McLean    

Location: Treehouse Lake Room

February 20, 2023 5:00 pm

Just Breathe:  A personal reflective  journey designed by popular Hay House author, Sarah McLean to awaken you to your capacity for inner peace and personal power. Discover daily practices to help you live a life of more freedom, creativity, and confidence so you can maintain a beautiful relationship with yourself and those you love, long after you return home.


Discover how mindfulness allows you to have deeper, more fulfilling experiences in your life. All of life’s good stuff, such as being inspired, feeling love and loved, connecting to others, and being free to be who you are, are accessed in the present moment. And though your life unfolds in the present, the mind is a time traveler and travels into the past and the future – and this can create distraction and the inability to give attention to what matters most to you. Fortunately, mindfulness will help you to reclaim your ability to engage in and savor the present moment.

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