One Hour Dairy Free Cheese! | Guest Claudia Lucero

One Hour Dairy Free Cheese! | Guest Chef Claudia Lucero

April 18, 2019

Claudia Lucero took an unconventional path to becoming a dairy-free maven. A desire to know what was going into her food led her to master the ancient art of cheesemaking and share her wares with curious friends. But, her partner’s anti-inflammatory diet motivated her to create cheesy dishes with non-dairy ingredients when she discovered that grocery store options just weren’t up to snuff. So, she started developing delicious dairy-free recipes for cheeses that tasted, melted, stretched, and crumbled just like traditional dairy cheeses. Using the same make-it-from-scratch philosophy and completely illustrated, easy-to-follow step-by-step techniques as her wildly popular debut One-Hour Cheese, Lucero creates recipes in ONE-HOUR DAIRY-FREE CHEESE that are unique in a world of dairy-free cheese recipes because they replicate the rich flavor, tangy goodness, and luscious texture of traditional dairy-based cheeses.

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March 23, 2019

Complimentary Makeup Consultations Call 512-372-7249 to schedule your appointment “My Vision for Susan Posnick Cosmetics is to provide women with their #BeautyEssentials- bringing real life beauty and sun protection together. My products are designed to simplify a woman’s beauty routine, with healthy, multi-purpose products. Compact for travel, they are the products that go with you around the corner and around the world.”