*Tea with Taylor | Rise and Thrive: 10 tips to Supercharge Your Day | Special Guest Taylor Ellison

Location: Garden Library

May 18, 2024 2:00 pm

What does your morning look like? Do you feel like you wake up rushed? Do you feel stressed or pressed to look at your phone before your feet even touch the ground? What would it feel like to wake up with more ease? Is it possible to feel more connected to yourself and expand your capacity to navigate the day ahead?

In this talk we’ll discuss different tools and practices you can implement into your morning to start the day in a more intentional way. Leave with simple and tangible tools to create more ease and flow in your daily life. The way we begin our day affects everything that follows. Just a few intentional minutes in the morning can flip the script. These practices don’t have to be grandiose. Here are some small shifts that have a big impact over time.

Taylor Ellison is an Emmy award winning television host, producer and meditation guide based in Austin. She is the creator and executive producer of the Emmy winning late night entertainment program Austin After Hours that aired for 4 seasons on CBS Austin and the former co-host of We Are Austin, a daily morning lifestyle show on CBS Austin. Taylor facilitates guided meditation classes at studios and events around Austin and works with private clients to cultivate self-compassion, holistic healing and mindful living practices. Meditation and holistic modalities helped Taylor address and transform many chronic health issues. Her own life changing experiences with these modalities led her to want to share them with others. Taylor aims to support people as they allow more of their authentic selves in everyday life, cultivating more kindness, grace, and patience towards oneself and others. She would love to connect with you, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can find her on Instagram at @taylok or catch previous seasons of Austin After Hours on Youtube.

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