Discovery Classes

Inspiration on Canvas with Jean Schuler

Take your inner artist on a creative journey to quiet the mind and soothe the soul with accomplished artist, Jean Schuler.

Habits for Happiness

Explore new possibilities of living a meaningful and happy life by shifting the interior landscape of your mind, heart and body with these simple happiness habits.

Identify Your Soul Goals

Identify Your Soul Goals Experience a major perspective shift that will bring you closer into alignment with the number one driver of everything you do.

Creative Arts | Wildflower Watercolor

Creative Arts | Wildflower Watercolor Relax while you learn the basics of this popular art technique with artist Tena Lacy. Stimulating the creative mind allows isolation from reality, providing a mental rest that lowers stress, and generates relaxation and feelings of happiness.

Insights from the Tarot | Explore Your Future

Learn the basic principles of reading Tarot cards.

The Stars At Night | Astronomy

Enjoy the night sky as you learn the basics of astronomy.

East Meets West | Alternative Healing Treatments

The traditional medical systems of East Asia have been in use for over two thousand years. Despite this extensive history, these treatment modalities have only become known in the West for a handful of decades.

Join Lake Austin Spa Resort’s resident acupuncturist, Aaron Rubinstein as he explains the nature of Eastern medicine as well as its place in the modern Western world.

Master Your Metabolism

Master Your Metabolism A steady metabolism is key for reaching and maintaining a healthy body weight. Learn techniques that help boost the metabolism.

The Art of Positivity

The benefits of positive thinking are well established. Learn easy and practical practices that can lead to happiness and personal fulfillment.

Creative Arts | Creative Card Making

Make a unique card for a special day, holiday, wedding, birthday or graduation.