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Events at Lake Austin

In addition to the daily activities at Lake Austin Spa Resort, we offer special programs and events to enlighten, entertain and excite. These outstanding programs are offered exclusively to overnight guests with no additional fees.

Guest Presenters and Artist Series

At Lake Austin Spa Resort we want our guests to take a step back and focus on their well-being, and we create activities and events that can truly enrich their everyday lives. Whether that is learning how to grow your own herb garden, attending a do-it-yourself workshop, or having a discussion about the stories we read with one of our guest authors, it will be a unique experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Habits for Happiness Discussion at Lake Austin Spa Resort

June 18-24

Monday, June 18, 2018

Meditative Arts | Creating Mandalas for the Inner Journey with Special Guest Artist Renate Hume  


We all encounter life’s changes and transitions with different reactions. We may feel uncertain as to who we have become and where we are going.

Possibly we have lost track of our purpose. To look back on life and to dream forward is part of creating a Personal Mandala. Renate is an experienced guide to self-discovery and is happy to explain the Personal Mandala approach to the journey.


Renate C.Hume is a gentle teacher whose focus is on assisting her students expand their potential. For many years she instructed watercolor classes at the Taos Institute of Arts, New Mexico and Soreze, France and taught diverse art classes at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa’s Artist Cottage and Apothecary, where she was  ‘Artist in Residence’ for ten years. Renate is an award winning botanical artist with certification as a Natural Science Illustrator by NY Botanical Gardens. Her work is in museums and private collections internationally.

Recently Renate has had an opportunity to accept weeklong residences at major resorts, Crystal Springs in NJ, BACARA in CA, Four Seasons Lanai in HI, among others.

Nearly forty years in counseling have led to the development of the Personal Mandala as a means to kindle authentic expression. A most satisfying process, creating a Personal Mandala has become a wonderful tool to discover or assert one’s purpose and direction.

Her detailed feedback is based on her spiritual foundation, Jungian Thought, Native American Teachings, Universal and Dream Symbology, and a good dose of intuition.


Creative Arts | Writing as an Art Form with Special Guest Author Amanda Ward    

Amanda Eyre Ward was born in New York City in 1972. Her family moved to Rye, New York when she was four. Amanda attended Kent School in Kent, CT, where she wrote for the Kent News.

Amanda majored in English and American Studies at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts.  After graduation, Amanda taught at Athens College in Greece for a year, and then moved to Missoula, Montana.

In 1998, Amanda moved to Austin, Texas where she began working on Sleep Toward Heaven. She wrote for the Austin Chronicle and worked for a variety of Internet startups. In 1999, Amanda won third prize in the Austin Chronicle short story contest with her story Miss Montana’s Wedding Day.

Amanda’s novel, Sleep Toward Heaven, was published in 2003 and won the Violet Crown Book Award and was optioned for film by Sandra Bullock and Fox Searchlight.


Amanda’s second novel, How to Be Lost, was published in 2004. How to Be Lost was selected as a Target Bookmarked pick, and has been published in fifteen countries.

Her fourth novel, Close Your Eyes, published in July, 2011, received a four-star review in People Magazine, won the Elle Letters Readers’ Prize for September, and inspired the Dallas Morning News to write, “With CLOSE YOUR EYES, Austin novelist Amanda Eyre Ward puts another jewel in her crown as the reigning doyenne of ‘dark secrets’ literary fiction.”  Close Your Eyes was named in Kirkus’ Best Books of 2011, and won the Elle Magazine Fiction Book of the Year.
Amanda’s fifth novel, The Same Sky, was published on January 20, 2015. It was named one of the most anticipated books for 2015 by BookPeople and Book of the Week by People Magazine. Dallas Morning News writes, “Ward has written a novel that brilliantly attaches us to broader perspectives. It is a needed respite from the angry politics surrounding border issues that, instead of dividing us, connects us to our humanity.” The Same Sky was chosen as a Target Bookmarked pick.

Amanda’s novel, The Nearness of You, was published on Valentine’s Day, 2017.


Creative Arts | Wine and Watercolor with Special Guest Artist Renate Hume 

Become acquainted with the materials you use: brushes, paper, water and color.  Learn how to apply the different techniques in watercolor. A fearless approach to using tools properly and achieving results.


Lake Austin Spa Resort Guest Presenters and Artist Series image 8 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Creative Arts | Watercolor for All Levels | Special Guest Artist: Renate Hume                       

Taking the next step in your artistic endeavor, a playful approach or a serious one – your choice. Beginners to advanced.

Musical Arts | Strum | Yin Yoga with Live Classical Guitar with Guest Musician Tony Morris

Even this Live Music Capitol of the World town turns it down a notch when the sun is setting – and so will you in this soulful live music experience. Our local musician and meditation expert will strum and guide you on a deep, meditative journey that will engage the heart and stir the consciousness to a deeper level of peace and relaxation.

Creative Arts | Wine and Watercolor Techniques with Special Guest Artist Renate Hume

Wet to Dry Techniques and a few in between. Control – or Imaginative Freedom.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Meditative Arts | Creating Mandalas for the Inner Journey with Special Guest Artist Renate Hume

Culinary Arts | Cooking Demo

Creative Arts |Wine and Singing Shadows Watercolor with Special Guest Artist Renate Hume

Creating a Tapestry of Shades. Getting to know Color Interaction and Creating Exciting Shadows

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Creative Arts | Tribal Dance as an Art Form   

Meditative Arts | Nature’s Eye Photography as an Art Form    

Bring your cell phone camera and learn to connect the beauty of personal photography with the relaxing benefits of quiet meditation.

Meditative Arts | The Nights Sky | Astronomy    

Join Astronomer Michael Brewster for an informative, contemplative look at the beautiful night sky.


Friday, June 22, 2018

Creative Arts | Zumba Dance as an Art Form   

Healing Arts | East Meets West | Alternative Therapy  

Join our staff acupuncturist, Aaron Rubinstein, as he shares insights, treatments and remedies of eastern and western tradition for a variety of aches, pains and illness.


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Meditative Arts | Sound Bath Healing Vibrations


Join Jan Blevins for a short discussion on sound and its ability to heal and transform. You will then learn a heart-centered meditation using the HeartMath™ technique of breathing along with the Tibetan bowls, imparting a deep sense of relaxation and peace.

Culinary Arts | Paella Party with Executive Chef Stephane 

Theatrical Arts with Special Guest Actress/Producer Cassidy Freeman  


Cassidy Freeman is an American Actor, Producer and Musician. She was born in Chicago and spent her childhood between the city and her family’s ranch in Montana.  She grew up on many different stages dancing, acting and singing; from the Lyric Opera of Chicago to the Olney Theatre center performing Shakespeare to the Atlantic Theatre in NYC. She graduated Magna cum Laude from Middlebury with degrees in Theatre and Spanish and then moved to Santa Monica to embark on her film and television career. Since then she has produced and starred in two feature films: horror thriller YELLOWBRICKROAD and independent art film CORTEZ. For three seasons she played Tess Mercer in the CW show SMALLVILLE, as well as characters in all three CSI’s, COLD CASE, NCIS NEW ORLEANS, THE PLAYBOY CLUB, ONCE UPON A TIME, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and DOUBT. Most recently she just finished six seasons of the Netflix show LONGMIRE playing Cady Longmire. When not filming, she spends her time with her dog, playing music, hiking, traveling, practicing yoga and in any ocean she can find.


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Meditative Arts | Tai Chi as an Art Form

July 16-23

Thursday July 19, 2018
The Inner Journey with Guest Sarah McLean

Take a journey into your interior realm. This session will introduce you to mindfulness meditation practices to help cultivate present moment awareness. Living mindfully allows for a deeper, more fulfilling experience of life. This is because the good stuff—your inspiration, feeling love, wonderful experiences, the power of choice, connecting to others, and the freedom to be who you are—is revealed and savored in the present moment. Though life unfolds in the present, the mind frequently travels into the past and the future. This inability to pay attention to what matters most to you can distract you from important moments of your life. Explore easy ways to create personal moments of sanctuary to maintain your inner peace.

Friday July 20, 2018
Discovering the Essential You with Sarah McLean


More and more find that when they meditate they can clearly see who they are. Get to know the real you, the you outside of the roles you play, the responsibilities you have, the pressure you put on yourself, and your relationships in your life.  Discover who you are, examine the best qualities of yourself, and how you can embody them in a more consistent and meaningful way. .  Explore the way your brain works, how you focus your attention, and how you make the choices you make. Learn to be fully present to your life and create a “new normal”— one of peace, comfort, and fulfillment.

Saturday July 21, 2018
Be Kind to You with Guest Sarah McLean

Most people know how easy it is be kind to those we care about—yet we can find it difficult to treat ourselves with the same care. The Western culture teaches us that self-criticism and being hard on yourself is the way to motivate yourself, and that competition with self and others is the pathway to self-esteem. In this session you’ll re-learn the essential skill of being supportive toward yourself, and you’ll find increased wellbeing, motivation, and resilience.

Getting Out of Your Own Way with Guest Sarah McLean

Discover new ways to be kinder to yourself by incorporating a more self-honoring internal dialogue.  With mindfulness as a way of being, you’ll being to become more aware of your inner dialogue and may discover habits of mind that keep you stuck and stressed, such as comparing yourself to others and negative self-talk. You’ll learn a tool that will keep you from falling back into old, patterns that limit you: a simple self-inquiry process to help you get unstuck from beliefs so you can be empowered to move forward to manifest your desires. You’ll also develop affirmations that will replace the beliefs that hold you back and be guided into a modern version of an ancient compassion meditation practice which will reveal to you how you can best love yourself as well as others.

Sarah McLean is known for her gift of making meditation and mindfulness accessible to everyone. She loves to coach the spa-goers at Lake Austin Spa Resort and help them to find more peace and happiness through these and other contemplative practices. She’s a sought-after speaker and the best-selling author of “Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation”, “Simple, Easy, Everyday Meditation” and “The Power of Attention: Awaken to Love and its Unlimited Potential with Meditation”, released by Hay House. She’s also founding director of the Meditation Teacher Academy in the spiritual mecca of Sedona, Arizona. She has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, and Prevention Magazine and her work is endorsed by a myriad of popular thought leaders including Deepak Chopra and India Arie. Find out more about her at

September 21 & 22, 2018


BREASTS: The Owner’s Manual- Dietary Choices with Dr. Kristi Funk

Did you know that 87% of all breast cancer patients do not have a single first degree relative with breast cancer? So…. If you can’t blame your genetics, what can you blame? It turns out, many of the dietary choices we make on a daily basis can impact cancer’s creation and spread. Every woman needs to know about reducing breast cancer by controlling risk factors! Fruit, vegetables, grains, meat, dairy, eggs, alcohol, caffeine, soy… let’s talk CANCER-KICKING FOOD!


BREASTS: The Owner’s Manual- Lifestyle Choices with Dr. Kristi Funk

Did you know that 87% of all breast cancer patients do not have a single first degree relative with breast cancer? So…. If you can’t blame your genetics, what can you blame? It turns out, many of the lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis can impact cancer’s creation and spread. Every woman needs to know about reducing breast cancer by controlling risk factors! Exercise, obesity, hormone replacement therapy, stress, environmental toxicities… let’s talk CANCER-KICKING BEHAVIORS!