Anti-Aging Skin Brightening Facial

This anti-aging treatment addresses uneven skin tone and the signs of aging, revealing your skin’s radiant brilliance while restoring its peak health and vitality. Ideal for skin that has been discolored by excessive sunlight, hormonal fluctuations or acne. Powerful antioxidants are infused into your skin, followed by a soothing hydrating masque with pigment-correcting boosters. The treatment also includes a peel and rejuvenating eye massage. For luminous, brilliant skin, it’s a bright idea!


Price: $180  for 50 minutes

Your Personal Best Facial

Customized facial. Your face is beautifully unique, and so is this facial. A classic European-style deep pore cleansing that employs a wide range of products suited to your individual skin needs, this facial will leave you cleansed, exfoliated, nourished and radiant.


Price: $160  for 50 minutes

Advanced Resurfacing Facial

This advanced facial will re-energize your skin cells, increase hydration, reduce wrinkles and firm and lift the skin. This results- driven facial depends on active peptides for building collagen and restoring youthful qualities. Peptides also rejuvenate, revive and protect the skin.


Price: $180  for 50 minutes

Radiant Results

Purifying facial with face, neck, shoulder, arm and hand massage. Based on traditional European deep cleansing techniques, this treatment begins with a stimulating lymphatic massage to help remove toxins from your tissues. Your face will be cleansed with sulfate-free cleansers, toned with bio-active floral waters and gently exfoliated to remove dull surface cells. Your face, neck and shoulders will be massaged with botanical serums, and you’ll be rehydrated with a masque chosen for your individual skin. Good for all skin types.


Price: $185  for 50 minutes

“C” The Difference Anti-Aging Facial

A facial designed for skin that’s dehydrated, environmentally damaged or just getting older. This specially chosen combination of products uses vitamin C and other natural ingredients to leave your skin feeling and looking more youthful, with a radiant, firmer complexion. Get ready to glow!


Price: $180  for 50 minutes

Breathe Easy Facial

A clearing and cleansing facial for the sinuses and the skin. Inhale the freshness and the natural anti-bacterial powers of eucalyptus, tea tree and pine to maintain healthy breathing and clear your nasal passages. Rose absolute and geranium nourish and hydrate your skin, while pressure point techniques and lymph drainage movements assist in unblocking sinus passages and easing tension and headaches. Great for seasonal allergies or just as a boost to your immune system and skin! A breath of fresh air.


Price: $180  for 50 minutes

 Fresh and Smooth Facial

A soothing treatment featuring a therapeutic lymphatic massage to release toxins and promote deep relaxation. Earthy crystals polish your skin, while the patented antioxidant Phloretin helps correct and prevent environmental damage to your skin. Corrective peptides diminish under-eye circles and puffiness.


Price: $180  for 50 minutes // $265 for 80 minutes

Natural Face Lift

Our regenerating and high-performance facial utilizes ultrasonic and microcurrent technologies while incorporating Plant Stem Cell Serum, which can replace damaged skin cells. An herbal enzyme peel, along with the serum, stimulates new skin growth and slows cellular aging. The treatment will deliver deep hydration, helping erase fine lines and wrinkles for visibly firmer, more toned skin.


Price: $180  for 50 minutes 

Men’s Fitness Facial

A nourishing facial formulated for men. Includes cleansing, exfoliation and a skin-smoothing masque with more than 35 active minerals. Plus wrinkle-smoother serum and oil-free moisturizer to make your face look and feel younger.


Price: $160  for 50 minutes 

Signature Facials

 LakeHouse Signature Facial

A skin-repairing, fatigue-fighting facial. Long-distance travel, especially when it’s accompanied by a lack of fresh air and water, can leave your skin dull, lifeless and parched. In this treatment, Inca inchi and larch extract stimulate collagen formation to firm your skin, and rosehip seed and raspberry seed oil unleash their cell-renewing power. The treatment includes a scalp and foot rub, plus a foot masque and warm booties for your feet. Destination: rejuvenation!


Price: $265  for 80 minutes

Blueberry Restorative Facial

Based on the most current peptide advancements in anti-aging skin care, this restorative facial addresses sensitive skin concerns, signs of aging and rosacea. Starting with a gentle peel and nourishing masque, the blueberry and vanilla antioxidants will neutralize redness and free radical damage to the skin, leaving it hydrated, calm and feeling youthful.


Price: $180  for 50 minutes 

Age Arresting Facial

Signature treatment. An innovative anti-aging treatment utilizing medical-grade Proxylane to arrest and reverse sagging, wrinkling, creeping, crow’s feet and other signs of aging. This facial is formulated to rehabilitate mature skin and reverse the skin’s laxity and dryness. Blueberry extract promotes and protects healthy collagen. Leaves your skin visibly firmer and more radiant.


Price: $265  for 80 minutes

Platinum Lift Facial

Signature Treatment. A non-surgical face-lift that will instantly tighten and restructure key areas of concern. This facial achieves long-lasting results by combining the most advanced natural ingredients with the latest microcurrent technology to deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin. Surprisingly soothing, the microcurrent massage stimulates blood flow and firms your complexion, leaving healthy, radiant and younger-looking skin.


Price: $265  for 80 minutes 

Facial Add-Ons

Personalized Power Peel Add-On

A professional strength peel customized for your skin type. This specialized treatment minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, creates a more even skin tone and increases skin brightness and clarity. Fortifies and revives dull, tired-looking skin for a smoother, healthier-looking complexion. Ideal for aging, pigmented or hormonal conditions as well as environmentally damaged skin


Price: $65  for 25 minutes 

For Your Eyes Only Add-On

A beauty-defining brow wax, brow dye and lash dye. Defined and dyed brows and lashes will brighten your eyes and give a more youthful frame to your face.


Price: $85  for 25 minutes 

Vital Eyes Add-On

An advanced treatment that helps to strengthen and refresh lashes and brows using a powerful, revitalizing lash fortifier. The treatment is enhanced with vitamins, peptides and natural plant extracts that are applied to lashes and brows to help boost micro-circulation of the hair follicles for longer, healthier lashes and defined brows. A must-have treatment for anyone concerned about thinning lashes and brows. Now that is something to bat your eyes at!


Price: $70  for 25 minutes 

Lip Treatment Add-On

This lip repair treatment can be added to any facial. Reduce the fine lines around your lips with the antioxidant lip repair of silymarin and vitamin E.


Price: $30