Massage Therapy

For overnight guests, spa and fitness allowances can be used toward any spa service in this menu. Day spa guests on a package should choose treatments marked with (Treatment included with package) to fulfill the treatment options included within your package. Tax not included in package pricing and substitution of a non-package spa treatment is not permitted.

From Sweden to Tibet & Back

East meets West in this inspired journey combining the soothing benefits of Swedish Massage and the energy balancing therapeutic sound of the Tibetan singing bowls. The result, total integration of mind, body and spirit.


Price: $220 for 80 minutes

Energy Balance with Healing Sound

The orchestration of Tibetan singing bowls are used to promote sound and vibrational healing in this ancient healing ritual. Each treatment is non-invasive, unique and helps you feel energized and in balance.


Price: $150 for 50 minutes

Thai Massage

A gift of the yogis, this ancient art stimulates energy flow and lengthens sore, overworked muscles. Performed on a mat on the floor, you’ll be stretched and placed in yoga positions you could never do on your own! Comfortable, loose-fitting pants and top are essential for this exquisitely traditional experience.


Price: $230 for 70 minutes //  $300 for 100 minutes

Star of India

Your Ayurvedic journey begins with the venerable Shirodhara, with warm oil streamed over your forehead (the third eye) and gently massaged into your scalp and neck in the ways of the ancient healers. Finish with full-body Dosha Balancing massage utilizing oils specific to your type of constitution to promote health, balance and energy.


Price: $340 for 1100 minutes

Texas Starry Night

Finish your day with the perfect spa nightcap. After a lovely lavender chamomile oil massage, you’ll be wrapped to soak in the soothing benefits of lavender, with an herbal heat pack on your tummy and an herbal eye pillow over your eyes. Night, night.


Price: $170 for 50 minutes // $230 for 80 minutes

Day Dreaming

Have the day’s stress massaged away with relaxing lavender chamomile oil. Luxuriate in lavender goodness with a body wrap, an herbal eye pillow and a soothing heat pack. You are free to daydream.


Price: $170 for 50 minutes // $230 for 80 minutes

Custom Comfort

What is it that you really, really want? Deep tissue? Hot or cold packs? Detoxifying Moor mud along your spine? It’s your choice as you design, along with your therapist, your ideal massage. It’s the ultimate in customized massage.


Price: $170 for 50 minutes // $225 for 80 minutes

Muscle Tension Melt

Bringing Thailand to Texas, herbal-steamed aromatic compresses are applied directly to your skin and massaged deep into your muscles. A combination of heat and pressure melt away your muscle tension.


Price: $225 for 80 minutes

LakeHouse River Rock Massage

Make your massage more deeply rewarding with warmed river rocks. You’ll feel their soothing energy seep into your body. Warmed lavender oils add to the exquisite experience. It rocks!


Price: $215 for 70 minutes // $285 for 100 minutes

Best Foot Forward Massage

The best foot rub in Texas? You be the judge. Not only will your feet feel great, but the focus on pressure points will target areas throughout your body. You’ll be walking on clouds.


Price: $95 for 25 minutes // $150 for 50 minutes

Beautiful Balance Head and Toes

A relaxing scalp massage, foot scrub and foot massage. This treatment will bring you to a beautiful balance. First, you’ll enjoy a foot scrub, followed by a foot massage that uses acupressure on pressure points to send relief throughout your body. Then, enjoy a stress-relieving scalp massage with an organic oil. A lavender dusting powder finishes a treatment that’s great for improved balance, circulation and relaxation.


Price: $170 for 50 minutes

Two of a Kind!

Swedish massage for two in our couple’s suite. Enjoy your Swedish massage right alongside your daughter, mother, partner or friend. At the end, all four of your feet will be wrapped in hot towels steeped in eucalyptus essential oil. Shared bliss!


Price: $150 for 50 minutes // $205 for 80 minutes (Price is per person)

Mom-To-Be Massage

Gentle aromatherapy massage for mothers-to-be. Expect a great massage with your choice of super-sensitive or renewing rose aromatherapy oils—excellent for cell regeneration, circulation and stretch mark prevention. Special pillows and bolsters make this a safe and soothing massage for mothers-to-be.


Price: $160 for 50 minutes // $215 for 80 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage

Choose the aromatherapy essential oil that’s right for you. Options include “Relaxing”, “Balancing” and “Stress Relieving”. The essential oil you select will be used in a deeply relaxing Swedish massage. Find the aroma that’s meant for you.


Price: $225 for 80 minutes

Ultimate Swedish Massage

“I just want to relax!” The original of originals for total body relaxation. Light, gentle pressure releases the tensions of the day and rejuvenates you from head to toe.


Price: $205 for 80 minutes

Full-Body Swedish Massage


Price: $150 for 50 minutes

Inner Strength Massage

This encouraging massage will help to uplift spirits for those who have experienced a personal trauma in life and are challenged by lack of energy, confidence or with the inability to see past their circumstance. This massage will treat specific areas of the body that assist in building physical and mental strength and provide the comfort to move forward in life.


Price: $225 for 80 minutes

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