Let Us Inspire and Guide You to a Deeper Level of Feeling Well and Whole.

Mental, emotional and spiritual wellness comes in many different ways; there is no one-size, fits-all approach. At Lake Austin Spa Resort we offer a full spectrum of experiences just as unique as you are. We understand that a strong and resilient mind and spirit transfer to all aspects of our lives. With expert guidance and a truly inspiring setting on the water, everything you need to take your well-being to the next level is right here on the shores of Lake Austin.

Inspiration & Integrative Wellness programs at Lake Austin Spa Resort are designed to help individuals attain more peace, health, balance and fulfillment in their lives. Led by Julie Haber, who brings over 25 years of experience in holistic living and a passion for helping others, these programs and sessions assist individuals to higher levels of mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Julie’s keen interest in inspiring others toward health and well-being have become some of the most popular and powerful sessions offered at Lake Austin Spa Resort. She specializes in providing support and celebration for life transitions, coping with loss and grief, finding meaning and purpose, enhancing relationships, finding peace in today’s modern fast-paced world, sound healing, meditation, team building and public speaking. She offers private sessions including:

Inspired Wellness

Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion

Honoring Transition

Journey In

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Julie Haber

Having worked with CEOs, senators, students and celebrities, Julie believes our most valuable wisdom comes from the experience of our own life. She likes to remind herself and others that the word inspiration comes from the Latin verb inspirare, which means to ‘breathe into.’ She believes every experience we go through in life, whether challenging or enjoyable, gives us an opportunity to breathe into it.

A certified mediator, she believes devoting time for compassionate communication, and committing to building and sustaining healthy relationships, is integrally connected to living a vital and fulfilling life. She loves incorporating storytelling, poetry and humor into her speaking engagements.

Having recovered from a long term life-threatening autoimmune disease, she loves to encourage others to find their own healing through patience, hope, incorporating a healthy lifestyle, and finding meaning in all circumstances. She has always found delight in the saying, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”


Private & Semi-Private Sessions with Julie Haber

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Inspired Wellness

This service invites both conversation and guidance and is tailor made to address anything you might be facing in your life, such as questions around life purpose and meaning, managing stress, incorporating healthy lifestyle, loss and grief, relationships, spiritual wellness and creating life balance. This session can be private or shared with a significant other. $230 or apply wellness allowance.

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Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion

Julie’s training as a  Crystal SoundEnergy Practitioner™ coupled with the vibration and purity of crystal bowls, allows for a unique and soulful experience. In this amazing sensory immersion, the crystal bowls are placed directly on the body, allowing sound frequencies to aid in addressing any imbalances by creating an environment conducive for a renewed sense of peace, relaxation, insight, inspiration and healing. $230 or apply wellness allowance.


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Honoring Transitions

This service blends dialogue and ceremony and is helpful and supportive for moving through times of change. Whether it be celebrating a milestone, moving through a painful transition, letting go of the past including less than optimum habits, or reclaiming and uniting parts of yourself, this session is helpful for successfully navigating life’s transitions. $230 or apply wellness allowance.

Meditative Arts | Tibetan Bowl Sound Bathing


We live in a world where an increasing emphasis is placed on our outer lives and achievements. This powerful service allows you to experience the richness that comes from journeying inward through the support of gentle guidance, music, visualization and breath. This is an ideal service for those who are curious, soul seeking, or wanting to connect with deeper guidance and intuition. $230 or apply wellness allowance.

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