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Exclusive World-Renowned Facials

These world-renowned European facials draw upon the best skincare technology and ingredients, designed exclusively for our guests at Lake Austin Spa Resort. We not only draw upon the science of Valmont, but these anti-aging experts have also been at the forefront of Swiss cellular cosmetics for more than 30 years. We also offer an exquisite hydration facial combining gold, diamond, and other precious minerals. These extraordinary facials deliver the ultimate experience and results.

Spa Treatments

All treatments are subject to a 23% service charge, applicable taxes may apply.


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The Regal by Valmont

Signature Treatment. Designed by Valmont for LakeHouse Spa at Lake Austin Spa Resort, this exquisite facial treatment is a globally exclusive treatment combining Essence of Gold Sturgeon, l’Elixir des Glacier (with 15x the concentration of active ingredients), Celluma LED, and HydraFacial. The Regal is the essence of cellulotherapy, penetrating the very nucleus of the skin's cells, with peerless anti-aging properties including triple DNA and liposomal RNA. This experience is further elevated utilizing the dual cleansing vortex technology of HydroFacial to remove impurities deep within your skin to give you a clarified, refined glow. Employing a technique inspired by surgical lifting, The Valmont targets the face muscles to tone and smooth facial lines and restore elasticity. The results of Valmont’s l’Elixir des Glacier are magnified even further with six masks, four massages, and a complete collagen treatment for the face, neck, décolleté, and the eyes -- physically altering the skin. This premier treatment is the ultimate in anti-aging perfection and cellular renewal. 

Price: $1050 for 135 minutes, please allow up to 3 hours for your visit.
Request more information online or call 512.372.7380.

Energy of the Glaciers

Signature Treatment. This advanced European facial draws on the finest of cellular cosmetic science. This ultra-luxurious treatment features Valmont's signature ‘butterfly movement’, and rare ingredients from Switzerland combined with an extremely high concentration of anti-aging DNA. The Energy of the Glaciers includes deep, structural massage of the face stimulating muscles to tone and lift, and smoothing facial lines. The facial finishes with an application of Valmont's native cellular collagen mask, which provides an immediately visible and lasting lifting result. The skin revels in newfound energy and vigor, while the complexion appears fresh and radiant. A world-renowned, luxurious experience.

Price: $750 for 90 minutes, please allow up to 2 hours for your visit.
Request more information online or call 512.372.7380.

Gold & Diamond Trifecta Facial

Signature Treatment. A customized, technology-focused facial combining HydraFacial, Celluma LED, and Oxygen infusion. This beautiful treatment is designed for each guest's specific skin condition on the day of treatment. It begins with our stretch double-cleanse, sculpting manual massage, and lymphatic drainage to restore glow and reduce puffiness. Next, experience our triple exfoliation with the vortex technology of HydraFacial, AHA/BHA power peels, and enzymatic exfoliation. Extractions, if desired, are performed. To repair discoloration, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness, an intricately orchestrated application of ampoule and serum is penetrated to the activity-level of the skin, utilizing HydraFacial and Oxygen infusion for superior results. The Trifecta Facial includes three separate massages and four masks, as well as 25 minutes of collagen stimulating red- and infra-red LED to the whole face, neck, and entire décolleté. Every facial finishes with a full ounce of hyaluronic acid in a hydrogel mask with micronized gold and diamonds. The pinnacle of radiance and hydration.

Price: $990 for 150 minutes, please allow up to 3 hours for your visit.
Request more information online or call 512.372.7380.

Luminosity of Ice Facial

Access unparalleled radiance through the Luminosity of Ice toxin flushing, facial reflexology-inspired facial. This new facial works on tone and texture to reveal glowing and luminous skin. Get immersed in the Valmont universe with a cocktail of seven plants organically cultivated at high altitudes, where pure air and pristine glacier water offer ideal conditions for developing the powerful actives found within these light-enhancing concentrates. This treatment refines the skin’s texture and calls forth the glow of a unified complexion. The skin is softer, smoother and altogether radiant, with fewer irregularities.

Price: $650 for 90 minutes
Request more information online or call 512.372.7380.


Firmness Of The Hills

A deep tissue massage for the face to heighten the skin’s firmness to reveal visibly younger skin with enhanced volume definition. The movements in the treatment include deep kneading, palpating and rolling as well as powerful smoothing motions.

Price: $650 for 90 minutes
Request a reservation online or by calling 512.372.7380.  

All treatments are subject to a 23% service charge, applicable taxes may apply.
A woman receives a relaxing facial treatment at the Lake Austin Resort Spa.

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