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When you’re sourcing must-do experiences, we look to our guests for the answers. These are the most raved about, highest reviewed in surveys, those that have anecdotally had life-changing results.

Come soothe your soul, relieve what’s painful, and immerse in a renewed state of feeling well.

AquaStretch™ | Myofascial Release

If you are experiencing pain, stiffness or a limited range of motion, myofascial release in the water may be the remedy for you! This groundbreaking technique, is a one-on-one assisted stretching session that involves the application of manual pressure to free fascial adhesions that restrict your flexibility and may cause pain on movement. It is performed in the warm, shallow and soothing waters of the Pool Barn and for those that are experiencing limited mobility or pain, can be a life-altering treatment.

$225 for 50 minutes / $315 for 70 minutes.

Book online or call 512.372.7380.

Floating Meditation

The combination of guided meditation and floating on one of our neutral buoyancy floats will literally allow you to drift away. Our mind/body expert will guide you to a complete state of relaxation while immersing in the tranquility of the Pool Barn.

*Sessions take place in the warm waters of our Pool Barn year-round.

Ask about making this a Flute & Float sound immersion – a truly unique experience!

$195 for 50 minutes.

Book online or call 512.372.7380.


Wave pattern A chef poses for a photo in a beautiful green garden with a bowl of fresh vegetables in his hand.

Meet Executive Chef Stéphane Beaucamp

“Being able to walk a few feet from the kitchen and pick fresh ingredients is so unique.”

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