Aqua Fit

Take advantage of our invigorating Aqua Fit classes, where water heals, provides clarity and a genuine mental recovery.

Aqua Boot Camp

We take drills and exercises to the water in this fun, fast-paced class for improved strength and cardio.

Aqua Power Play

Work and play with the power of water and feel the return as you hit cardio, strength and core.

Aqua Jogging

Like walking on the moon but with a little more resistance! Form and function come into play with gait and stride in this great cardio workout.

Aqua Fluid Motion

Improve your range of motion, joint mobility, balance and stability for improved function and quality of life. Taught in our Pool Barn, you will immediately feel the healing effects of the warm waters.

Aqua Stretch

The warm, therapeutic effects of our heated pool will help you release and stretch tired, tight muscles. You will be guided gently and soothingly to a released and relaxed state.

Aqua Tabata Intervals

Known for torching fat and improving cardio capacity, tabatas are quick four minute high intensity sets that can be done with any activity. Our Aqua Tabata class combines water resistance to strength and cardio training for a quick, but work at your own pace class.

Aqua Zumba

Known as the “ZUMBA pool party,” you’ll make a splash in this low-impact, high energy, Latin inspired aqua cardio dance class. Don’t worry if you are not a dancer, the beauty of the pool is everything happens under water!

Aqua to the core

The core component of this class is the use of water and you! Move and twist with, and against, the flow to strengthen, stabilize and improve flexibility of your waistline, front and back.

Drift Away | Water Meditation

Water is known for its healing powers for the mind and body. Using floating meditation mats in our beautiful Pool Barn, you will feel the stresses from daily life release as you drift away mentally and physically.

Above Water Meditation

This meditative dock time is designed to reduce and release pressure that only a trickling lake and the peaceful sounds of nature can provide. Guided by our Mind Body staff to relax and restore, enjoy a natural journey on our pier above peaceful waters.

Lap It Up | Water Fitness Class or Triathlon 101 Part II

Join us for a fun swim, kick or water jogging workout or make this Part II of a bike/run/swim when offered back to back with our Bricks class.


This high energy class in the pool is a hit of high intensity interval training sets , taking heart rate and strength to the max.

Water Works

The harder you work the water, the more you work your body in this shoulder to toe workout of cardio, strength and stretch.

Swim Stroke and Kick

This class in our lap Pool Barn uses the length of the pool for structured kick and/or stroke sets of choice. Our instructor will have a workout for you to focus on cardio and swim.