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Our latest, greatest and most energetic workouts. Get your workout on in our fun, unique, result-achieving fitness classes that are on the cutting edge.

Barre “None” | Lengthen and Strengthen

The barre class includes the elegant warm-up and strengthening components of yoga, Pilates and ballet – without the bar! Barre-None, you’ll leave this class knowing why a ballet dancer has such long, lean muscles!

BEAMing® | Balance, Engage, Align, Move

Your body will stand up and take note in this class! Utilizing a soft 6’ wide “balance beam” that sits at a height of approximately two inches on the ground, the focus here is body awareness and alignment. Through lateral movement with core engagement, you will awaken the body with stability, mobility and flexibility. It will leave you BEAMing!

Belly Dancing | Core Cardio

The beauty and culture of this global dance comes to life in this fun class that not only teaches the basics of the move but adds the footwork and motion to it for a fun cardio workout.

Cardio Inclines

Utilizing the Treadmill or Precor machines, your coach will guide you on an uphill journey to increase heart rate and total leg strength. Your incline levels are your choice based on your choice of intensity levels.

Feldenkrais® Roller | Soft Touch Foam

First introduced as a form of self-myofascial, foam rollers are now highly utilized by professional athletes, coaches and therapists alike. They are a powerful tool in healing and recovery because the user can feel exact trigger points and locations that need “breaking up”, tenderizing and relaxing our tissues to their original “baby softness”.

Foam Roller | Self Massage

Foam rolling, or self-myofascial release, is basically a textbook term for self-massage. Utilizing a foam roller, we will coach you through techniques to apply deep compression to muscles and tissues, directing blood flow for healing and recovery. This is the massage technique you can take anywhere!

Fresh Air Boot Camp

Anything goes in this fun and challenging outdoor class! Just like with its military roots, this class is designed to challenge your mind and body while enjoying teamwork and camaraderie! (if weather does not allow, class will be moved indoors).

Gliding Discs | Strength & Endurance

Experience a unique method of strengthening the muscles—using discs under the hands and feet to provide resistance and a different feel to traditional movements such as squats, lunges and pushups. It’s challenging and will free you up from the traditional movement of lifting and stepping.

H.I.I.T.S. Fat Burning Intervals

High Intensity Interval Training Sets. A self-paced, cardio and strength training workout alternating between cardio, body weight and weight training segments that will keep your heart rate up and the boredom factor down.

Fitness Hoop Dance®

Step outside the box and into the ring of custom-made and weighted hula-hoops. You’ll learn to spin a hoop and then enjoy a throwback to the crazy fun and fond memories of childhood movement. The hula hoop is so much fun when you learn to spin it and then spice it up with great music. You won’t even realize you have the potential to burn up to a whopping 600 calories/hour!

Kettlebell Circuit

Kettlebells are historically one of the oldest forms of equipment utilized for strength and athletic development. Found in archaeological digs dating back to Ancient Greece, these iron pods are now known as one of the biggest calorie scorchers in the gym – up to 20 calories per minute! They force us to master a continually changing center of gravity, improved grip strength, and increased power output. Add that up and you get one of the most condensed, efficient workouts available!

Glow Hoops

Get your hula on under the stars with these amazing glow in the dark hula hoops. You’ll be mesmerized by movement as you spin your way to the beat under the stars!

Nia® Dance | Strength, Balance & Mindfulness

Nia is the art of movement the body’s way. It is a cardio-dance workout and a movement practice that tones your mind and tunes your body. Through mindfulness of movement, your senses will engage and your body will release. Nia is usually practiced barefoot, is non-impact and adaptable to individual needs and abilities.

Pilates Matwork

A series of mindful, intentional exercises done on the floor with attention to the flow of movement and to the core muscles.

PiYo® | Fast Flow Power Yoga

High energy and fast paced, you’ll feel the strength and flexibility engage through your hips, core and legs. You will flow with speed and intensity in a structured and challenging sequence designed to lengthen and strengthen the muscles while enhancing balance and stability.

POUND® | Drumming For Full Body Strength

Using weighted drums sticks, core, glute and leg strength, move to the music mix, have fun and find your fitness fix in this rhythmic cardio class. Pilates, isometric moves and plyometrics are fused for a strength building, calorie-torching workout as you hit the beat!

ZUMBA Dance®

Get Zumba® happy in this energetic, hip shaking Latin dance class. Dancing takes the “work” out of workout by mixing low and high-intensity moves for a jamming fitness session!