Lake Fit Classes

In addition to lake outings and activities, no other facility offers group exercise classes on the water like we do. Daily you can choose from something that would traditionally be taught on land and find it on the water here…Boot Camp, Cycle Intervals, Upper Body Intervals…come experience something fresh and fun at Lake Austin Spa Resort!

SUP Flow | Paddleboard Yoga

After a nice paddle warm up, you will begin a series of yoga flow moves on the board, stopping, relaxing and breathing your way to improved balance, comfort and flexibility on the board.

Pedalboard Boot Camp

Enjoy these unique hybrids of a large surf-style board, bicycle handle bars for stability and “stair stepper” pedals to move you seamlessly down the lake. Combine that with some fun interval sets and basic movements on the board and you’ve got a great workout and a splash of fun!

Blue Mind Eco-Paddle

Enjoy the Blue Mind Life and the positive benefits of what being in, near and on the water can do for peace of mind! We have fleets of kayaks, hydrobikes, paddleboards and pedalboards for you to use during the winter months anytime after 9 and before 5 daily. Please check with the Activities Desk or press and hold buzzer button on dock for an attendant to assist you – or simply feel free to hang out on the dock and take it all in.

Kayak & Coffee | Lake Outing

This very popular group outing is a great way to learn to use the water equipment or enjoy the company of others on the water. Lake Austin Resort’s on the water “hike” takes you along the scenic Nature Preserve shores of Lake Austin on your choice of equipment: kayaks, hydrobikes or pedalboard.

Hydrobike HIITS

Take an indoor cycling class to the lake – spin your bike on the water to high interval intensity sets to push the heart rate, then coast and recover while soaking in the sights and sounds of the lake. Guests rave about losing the walls of a traditional indoor cycling class and enjoying the same health benefits with the added mental release of being on the water!

SUP 101

One of the trendiest, hottest sports to hit the ocean and flat waterways! Learn the basics of stand up paddle boarding including paddle grip and direction, board basics, safety and turning. You’ll be walking on water in no time!

KIPS | Kayak Interval Paddle Sets

Based on tabatas, these high intensity interval sets take your workout to the lake and in our kayaks! A super fun, high energy and unique way to connect with nature and to work out.

SUP Grande Group Outing

This large inflatable SUP (stand up paddleboard) is a blast for you and a few of your close, or new, friends! Fitting 4 – 8 people astride its large inflatable deck, it is a lake workout with lots of laughs and teamwork for a group excursion or extraordinary team building activity. (Private group excursion fees apply.)


Take the high energy and fun factor of boot camp to the SUP! Stand, sit, push and move your way around your board for improved strength, balance and cardio fitness!

Kayak Scavenger Hunt

In this fun kayak paddle outing, you and your group will be given a series of clues to find via water. Find as many as possible in the time allotted and your team wins! (Private group excursion fees apply.)

SUPstance | Board Balance

Use the stand up paddleboard to work on balance, mobility and flexibility. You will find yourself navigating your board with more control and agility after learning to move around repeatedly on the deck of your board.

H.I.I.T. The Lake! | Walk/Jog, Hydrobike Intervals

Our lakeside duathlon of sorts! We’ll do 20’ of interval trek (walk or run) on our lakeside trail and then hit the lake for 20’ hydrobike intervals on the water. The perfect duo!

Turkey Grove Pedal

Ride off on water bikes to the local turkey groves. On your way, you will do some fun sets in the name of fitness to push cardio strength.