Traditional Fitness

With our Traditional Fitness classes, you are minutes away from a better mood, increased empowerment and endorphin boost.

Barbell Strength

This class renews the excitement of old school weightlifting with. Every muscle group will get a hit in this class as you utilize light to moderate weights for high rep super sets to increase muscular strength and endurance.

Bodyweight Conditioning

There is extreme power and empowerment by being able to move our own bodyweight! Plus, you always have it, so if traveling or out of town, you do not need any specific workout gear! Get up, get down, jump, stand, move – all in the name of developing strength and mobility!

BOSU® Ball | Balance & Strength

This class uses the BOSU® (Both Sides Up) Ball to focus on balance and posture. The fun class can include cardio, balance, functional and core movements and sport specific training techniques.


A cycling ride of consistent aerobic “intensity”. You choose your heart rate “peaks and valleys” based on the goal of riding within a more consistent heart rate throughout the ride. Think “tempo” as opposed to “sprints”. All levels welcome for an aerobic journey with opportunity for small heart rate spikes and changes in riding profiles.

Cardio Burn 3, 2, 1

An all-level, interval class designed to rev up the heart rate, burn maximum calories and improve your endurance through heart rate zones. You’ll pick your favorite cardio machine and workout at your own pace guided by our instructor.

Cardio Inclines

Utilizing the Treadmill or Precor machines, your coach will guide you on an uphill journey to increase heart rate and total leg strength. Your incline levels are your choice based on your choice of intensity levels.

Cardio Combo

Combine different cardio machines for a full 50-minute calorie-torching workout.

Completely Core

This 25-minute core only session will have you working all dimensions from the inside out to build strong, multi-functional core strength.

Completely Core | Pilates

This 25-minute core only session features all Pilates-based moves for strong glutes and core.

Fresh Air Boot Camp

Anything goes in this fun and challenging outdoor class! Just like with its military roots, this class is designed to challenge your mind and body while enjoying teamwork and camaraderie! (if weather does not allow, class will be moved indoors).

Full Body Blitz

Looking for full body strength and conditioning? This head to toe workout can use anything from equipment to body weight and will get you ready for shorts and tanks this season!

Functional Full BodyTraining

Having a functional, mobile body should be one of the most important fitness goals we each have. The key to functional training is muscle integration and conditioning so all of the muscles can work together rather than isolating them to work independently. By training specific chains of muscles integrated with key movements, we begin to function with power and grace in our daily lives.

Gentle Restorative Stretch

Melt into comfortable positions with props such as bolsters, blankets and pillows. Spending several minutes in each position will allow a soothing stretch and calming relaxation.

H.I.I.T.S. Fat Burning Intervals

High Intensity Interval Training Sets. A self-paced, cardio and strength training workout alternating between cardio, body weight and weight training segments that will keep your heart rate up and the boredom factor down.

Kettlebell Circuit

Kettlebells are historically one of the oldest forms of equipment utilized for strength and athletic development. Found in archaeological digs dating back to Ancient Greece, these iron pods are now known as one of the biggest calorie scorchers in the gym – up to 20 calories per minute! They force us to master a continually changing center of gravity, improved grip strength, and increased power output. Add that up and you get one of the most condensed, efficient workouts available!

Lakeside Warm Up | Walk or Jog

Get that blood flowing with a beautiful walk or jog lakeside with one of our Activities Staff members. They will fill you in on the day’s activities, answer any questions about our classes and programs and help you prepare your body to stretch and flex.

Meditative Garden Walk

A very grounding and sensory start to your day as look, listen, feel and hear your way through conscious movement. One of our meditation experts will help you with the tools to take it all in and start your day by centering from the inside out as you warm up, increase circulation and prepare to move to a deeper level.


With therapeutic massage balls and foam rollers, we’ll roll, trigger and breathe our muscles into a more released and relax state. A great skill to know for self-releases at home or travel.

Metabolic Conditioning

This class not only teaches you the style of workout that will help boost your metabolism and make you more efficient at burning calories, but it will put you through the paces for a metabolic burn that will keep those calories burning hours after the workout!

Glow Hoops

Get your hula on under the stars with these amazing glow in the dark hula hoops. You’ll be mesmerized by movement as you spin your way to the beat under the stars!

Stroll & Stretch

Stroll the gardens and lakeside trail with our Activities Staff and take in the fresh air and amazing view as you wake up and stretch on one of our docks.

Pilates Matwork

A series of mindful, intentional exercises done on the floor with attention to the flow of movement and to the core muscles.

Rise & Shine Stretch

The best stretch of the day is the morning stretch. Rise and shine – and join us as we stretch head to toe to start your day.

Simply Strength

Let’s get back to the basics. Strength. One of the most important components of a healthy body, as strength training benefits your heart, improves balance, maximizes metabolic increase, strengthens bones and helps manage body composition. In this class, anything goes, so be prepared to utilize any or a combination of the following: Cybex Equipment, bands, hand weights, kettlebells, body weight and dumb bells.

Somatics Mindful Stretch

Feeling a bit stiff, sore, and uncomfortable in your body? Somatics will improve the way your muscles move and lengthen to re-educate dysfunctional posture patterns while releasing muscle tension. Careful: you may leave class taller than you arrived!

Stability Ball Progressions

Balance improves sport, functionality, longevity and reduces risk of injury. This fun class uses an exercise ball to focus on all of the above plus coordination and functional strength with a side order of cardio. You’ll tap into dozens of performance muscles that work together to conduct daily tasks.

TRX® Body Weight Training

Developed through the Navy Seals, TRX Suspension Training utilizes bodyweight exercise to develop balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. A class favorite, this workout utilizes whole body strength through leverage, grip and pulling technique.

TRX® BOSU® Challenge

Combine TRX training drills with the balance available by utilizing a BOSU Ball and you get a great fusion of functional movements.

TRX® & Barbell Basics

Learn the basics of TRX training and combine the fundamental benefits of using barbells for strength. A great opportunity to cross train while utilizing different equipment.